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lincoln time line #1

This time line is explains when the events happen on a time line but not so much when they happen in the comic. I’ll will have the next part up some time this week.

Terra Magi
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The Aztecs disappear completely from their walled empire in central America.
A search party of thirteen Cree “Wind Feather” (including Pocahontas) scouts leaves Terra Magi searching for the fabled Father of the Son who is prophisized to save the entire Spectraverse from obliteration.

April 1865
Terra Proper
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1.-Lincoln Dreams not only of his death but the fracturing of the entire Spectraverse.
2.-A week later Lincoln is put into a state of shock by a failed assassination attempt by Booth. In this subconscious state Lincoln taps into latent “demitelekinesis” (a control over dimensional forces with one’s mind that all Lincolns posses) and creates a crude reality tunnel and drags the both Booth and himself across the dimensional membrane. This sudden channeling of some much dimensional warping force combining with the wound inflicted by Booth creates dimensional rift above Lincoln’s right eye.

April 1865
Terra Magi
12,833,055 QRPS

The prophets have predicted that event will decide the future of the Spectraverse so the Wind shamans of the Cree are awaiting the arrival of Booth and Lincoln when they arrive. Booth is disoriented by the warp but is quick to get on his feet. Booth immediately runs away from the ritually garbed sh amen and into the sea where he is swallowed by a enormous tenicaled sea beast that fill the seas of Terra Magi. Lincoln passes out to see the Cree unmask and approach him.

April to AugustIn North America Lincoln physical wounds are cared for but his rift scar continues to grow. The shaman teach Lincoln basic “Fox Spirit Trickery” (Illusion Magic) and “Wind Magic” (crude animistic dimensional science). They inform him of “Prophecy of the Snake” in which Terri-Magi is destroyed by a disturbed figure of great power but the “Chief of Many” (who is thought to be the true “Omni- Lincoln”) will stop him destroying the rest of the Spectraverse. Lincoln becomes caught up in a multi dimensional tribal war that has swept the continent in the absence of the Aztec that once ruled half of the world until they disappeared in 1858. In a battle with a dragon-like beast from the Gulf of Mexico, Lincoln is forced to over exert himself to the point of completely reopening his temporal scar. From this point forward Lincoln must use a pain killer to order to kill the pain to the point that he can concentrate enough to perform magic of any kind.
-At the same time off the coast of the Netherlands A fishing boat kills the beast that swallowed Booth and brings it to the deck the sea vessel. Booth after months of surviving in the creatures belly emerges killing everyone on the crew but its captain and demands he is brought to ruler of this strange land. So he is escorted to Val Hala in Sweden and defeats the Viking King in combat using his new found powers of spreading madness and stealing souls. He takes over the throne and turns the Viking Empire into a war machine hell bent on crossing the monster filled Atlantic and destroying the natives. So that he might destroy Lincoln once and for all.

Lincoln is almost fully recovered from the run in with the Beast of the Gulf when the shores are invaded by Vikings and Conquistadors. The tribes of east coast ban together causing the remaining invaders to retreat to their boats. Booth doesn’t see defeat as an option and his rage consumes all of the souls of his command. This makes him powerful enough to destroy the tribal coalition using sea beast he drove mad enough occupy dry land. Lincoln flees like a coward with some dope into a wormhole as Wilkes drains the powerful soul of Chief of the Cree. This gives Booth the final information and power he needs to completely absorb the entire reality into his mind. This rush of power completely corrupts Booth’s mind and a fit of madness transports hims self to the highest parts of the Spectraverse.


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