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Lincoln Log #3

Lincoln Log #3

“Perforated Reality”
A reality or dimension literally “perforated” by several permanent reality tunnels to their dimensional neighbors. Some perforated realities have several thousand “holes” while others may have only one or two. Though most of these are thought to be created by a natural occurring pheomonon some (including the famed Hexaverse) where thought to be artificially induced hundred of thousand years ago by dimensional traveling beings that have long since disappeared.

“Perforated Cluster”
When several perforated realities are linked to together by “holes” they form what is called a “Perforated Cluster”. Though most are limited to a span of two or three dimensions, some multi-realties can span over thousands of worlds such as the maddening 600,000 dimensions wide Wormwood Cluster. The most famous of all clusters is the relativly small six world “Hexaverse”, which links 12,753,006 QRPS through 12,753,012 QRPS. Being the center of all civilized realities it includes the Upper Nile Empire trade hub reality of Terra-Glyph and the Spectraverse seat of power of Terra-Lincoln-Supreme.


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