Impending Glee
life at its very strangest/worst/best…

Lincoln Log #2


The term Spectraverse refers to the infinite number universe that seemed to be arranged by quark speed or quark revolutions per second (QRPS). For instance, a world in that all quarks naturally travel at 12,969,045 QRPS would reside between 12,969,044 QRPS and 12,969,046 QRPS and would effect each other accordingly (direct tunnels or primitive dimensional “spells” may effect the adjacent reality). Each whole number from 12,001,023 to 12,833,001 QRPS is thought to contain a livable dimension. Higher or lower quark speeds are thought not to have life due the extreme temperatures generated by he or low quark speed, though new Lincoln Far Realities Travel Teams have wearing powerful quark stabilization suits are reported odd/resourceful variations of living beings in the farthest reaches of the Spectraverse.


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