Impending Glee
life at its very strangest/worst/best…

Lincoln Log #1

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This only recently logged backwater dimension is typical of most lower spectraverse realities. It is populated by mostly white god fearing humans, who’s strict interpretation of the multi-verse Christ message has left them with a fear of specific types of technology. This has left most of the world without combustion engines, fire arms or light bulbs. In North America life revolves agriculture and small port cities from which crops are shipped to less religiously strict/heavily populated Europe and Africa. The streets are filled with horse drawn carriages and drug stores on every corner. Youths conduct mini-sock hops while “rock and roll” is blaring from the jux box while sharing malts. The denizens of “Poh-Dunk” react negatively to reality outsiders often confusing the technology used to travel between worlds with the magic of Satan. Usually this result in a mob that will run the “threat” out of town.


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