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Archive for September 2007

lincoln time line #1

September 28, 2007

This time line is explains when the events happen on a time line but not so much when they happen in the comic. I’ll will have the next part up some time this week. 1858 Terra Magi 12,833,058 QRPS The Aztecs disappear completely from their walled empire in central America. A search party of thirteen […]

Lincoln Log #3

September 20, 2007

Lincoln Log #3 “Perforated Reality” A reality or dimension literally “perforated” by several permanent reality tunnels to their dimensional neighbors. Some perforated realities have several thousand “holes” while others may have only one or two. Though most of these are thought to be created by a natural occurring pheomonon some (including the famed Hexaverse) where […]

Lincoln Log #2

September 20, 2007

“Spectraverse” The term Spectraverse refers to the infinite number universe that seemed to be arranged by quark speed or quark revolutions per second (QRPS). For instance, a world in that all quarks naturally travel at 12,969,045 QRPS would reside between 12,969,044 QRPS and 12,969,046 QRPS and would effect each other accordingly (direct tunnels or primitive […]

Lincoln Log #1

September 20, 2007

“Poh-Dunk” 12,968,070 QRPS This only recently logged backwater dimension is typical of most lower spectraverse realities. It is populated by mostly white god fearing humans, who’s strict interpretation of the multi-verse Christ message has left them with a fear of specific types of technology. This has left most of the world without combustion engines, fire […]

Lincoln Sketch #1

September 20, 2007

Phil Duvall’s first attempt at Lincoln. Directly proceeded by Lincoln with magical fire eyes! Well done!